MyEbookMaster Affiliate Program:

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Payout Percentage: Ebook Affiliate Marketers:

We offer 75% commission on every single sale you refer AND we pay 75% of monthly coaching fees.

Payment Method: Clickbank, the leader in digital sales and affiliate processing, will send you regular check or deposit money directly into your bank.

How it works : Once you are registered with Clickbank, you can use a link to promote the product. The link is tracked automatically for up to 55 days. You can promote the link via email, blog, website, business card, etc... Once the link is clicked or typed into a browser, the tracking is automatically done by Clickbank and you get paid!

We keep our customers very happy by giving them the results they expect from the program, and excellent customer service.. Follow the below instructions to start promoting MyEbookMaster today.



Use these links to promote your site. REPLACE “ClickbankID” with your Clickbank lD.



You can replace the click here with whatever text you like. It will appear as follows:
Click Here!


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Clickbank now allows you to track your conversion rate from your referrals. You can do this in your Clickbank account. Click on your account setting, and click on "Tracking ID." You will be asked for the tracking code, as well as the product name you wish to track. You will need my ID - myebookmaster, as well as the item number you are promoting. We do enjoy high conversion rates, but now you can track your conversion from your different promotions.


If you have any problems with this please contact me and I will make sure we find a solution.



Ebook software affiliates are very important to us. We want you to succeed in marketing the best ebook creation software on the internet. Let us know what we can do to make that process easier for you.